Friday, January 23, 2015

Sketching on Wood - DIY sketchboards and custom sketchboards

Usually I make wood paddles. I was recently at a holiday fair and a woman approached me wondering if the wood strips I use for paddles could be used for other purposes. It turns out that their son was an art student and she was looking for a Christmas present for him. He liked "making" stuff and so she was wondering if the wood strips I use could be used instead for a DIY sketchboard.

Yes they can and here we are with that idea taking its tender next step.

I put together a kit for that family's Christmas idea. I'm just now putting together the finishing touches on a website and business for this idea of custom wood strip sketchboards and sketchboard kits. My first board is just about finished, so the next post will be all about some pictures of what these sketchboards can look like. The best part is they can look like you want them too. The beauty of a kit is that you can arrange and build as your eye sees fit. Something all your own built with your own hands!